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Written by Dustin Swayne   
Tuesday, 07 April 2009 00:00

David Jackson wins 1st place at Benton, KY Demolition Derby.The Tater Day Demolition Derby sponsored by the A&I Fairboard at Benton, KY turned out to be one of endurance. The day was clear with warm weather which helped to bring all the derby fans out to see a great show. The car count added up to 49 full-size demolition derby cars. The crowd attendance was over 2,000, a great number for this venue.

There were 5 states represented by drivers at this demolition derby.  Those states included Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri, Illinois, and Arkansas.  Derby Madness continues to grow and for that we are thankful!  We appreciate the support and dedication that the drivers and fans put into this great sport.  We hope for continued success, and believe that with the best demolition derby drivers and fans around that this will be possible. 

David Jackson, Greenville, IL, (pictured to the left) rose to the top of this highly competitive demolition derby through tough, smart driving.  Again, this derby with a field of 49 cars was one of endurance.  David started the night in the 4th heat and came from the 2nd consolation heat to win the derby and $1,000 plus a great trophy.  He is currently in 13th place for the Crash for Cash Cup Points series with 58 points. 

Finishing 2nd in a battle of all battles was Tommy Barton from Kennett, MO (pictured bottom right).  Tommy Barton takes 2nd place at Benton, KY Demolition Derby.Tommy started in the 1st heat, went on to win in the 1st consolation and ended the night with a $500 2nd place finish.  He is currently in 15th place with 56 points.   Click here for more Benton, KY demolition derby results.

Currently, Kevin Hill remains in the top spot for the Crash for Cash Cup Points Series with 1 win at Erin, TN, a 4th place finish at Benton, KY and 114 points.  Sitting in a close 2nd place in points is Michael Hicks with 102 points and a 5th place finish.  The 2009 Crash for Cash Cup Series is still young, who will rise to the top?  Will Kevin be able to hang on to his narrow lead, or will there be a new leader after Mayfiield, KY???  Join us at the next demolition derby at Mayfield, KY on May 30th to find out...... What?  You don't want to hear the results from your friends now do you??? 

 We look forward to another great derby...See you there!!!


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